The history of Afrikaner cattle in South Africa is an interesting one and is closely associated with the history of the country’s people. These typical Bos Indicus animals, the most important of our indigenous breeds, were the first cattle encountered by Jan van Riebeeck shortly after he had arrived at the Cape. Little is known about the origins of the breed. The most likely theory is that, in its most primitive state, it originated on the steppes of Asia from the wild cattle of that time. Since then, it had descended from the lateral-horned Zebu without any infusion of foreign blood.  This hardy, no-nonsense breed has a number of outstanding traits, its value in cross-breeding programmes being particularly appreciated.


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  Grootkuil geteelde Afrikaner stoetbul te koop wat in stoet gebruik is. Baie goed geteel. Kombinasie van Kartsveld en Grootkuil lyne. Vrugbaarheid en skedewas op aanvraag. R35000. Kontak Stephan Jacobs op 076 976 3540

  55 Afrikaner verse beskikbaar, sowat 5 maande terug gespeen, Marquard area. Kontak Freddy Azar op 082 338 5312
  20 Afrikanerbulletjies te koop, ongeveer 180kg. Ficksburg-distrik. Kontak Alec op 083 381 5891

    14 - 17 May 2019

  Thabazimbi Show
    25 - 27 August 2019

  ALFA Expo
    17 - 19 September 2019

  Hoopstad Sale
    9 October 2019





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